To set a clear intention and focus for your appointment, please prepare and bring with you a list of questions or topics which you would like to explore and list them in order of priority. The more specific these questions and topics are the more specific the answers and assistance can be. This list is for you, and will assist you in becoming clearer about what is important to you. If you need some inspiration you can find suggestions for questions/topics under the FAQ ‘Ideas for questions and topics that may be helpful to ask about’.

Important: Before your appointment please ensure that your electronic device from which you will join your online Zoom meeting/appointment has sufficient battery charge or access to power and a stable internet connection for the duration of your appointment; this will help to ensure that you can get the most from your session.

This time is for you, so I encourage you to do your best to ensure that you will not be disturbed during this appointment. A glass of water, headset, tissues, pen and some notepaper for taking notes may also become helpful. In general, do your best to make sure you have whatever you need to feel comfortable and at ease.