Each session is unique and my approach and answer(s) will depend on your questions and needs at the time.
To answer questions and provide helpful insights I draw on my clairsentient ability and the insights I have gained through my training and my personal experiences of overcoming my own challenges in health, relationships, career and spirituality.

This may be in the form of:

  • Sharing my own understanding of your situation and how it relates to universal law.
  • Helping you to understand where you can become more aware of limiting/unconscious patterns of thought and emotion that are affecting your life now.
  • Teaching you how to release these limiting beliefs or emotions using tools I have used successfully myself.
  • Assisting you to align yourself with new, empowering possibilities for your life.
  • Working with you to help you become aware of your core values and goals in life.
  • Sharing helpful strategies and methods that you can apply to achieve your goals.